Blast that Maths!

One of the great things about LearnPads is that they come pre-loaded with heaps of excellent learning materials, which are organised and categorised into subjects and age groups. As we start the new term, we want your pupils to jump right back in to their love of mathematics, so let’s get some recommendations for maths on LearnPads.

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KS1 Maths

A classroom favourite and brilliantly-differentiated, Hit the Button, is an app which can be used across the key stages, but works particularly well with KS1 children. It is designed to be a speedy, point-scoring game, which encourages children to apply much of their calculation skills in various topic areas of maths. Nestled inside of the ‘KS1 Measurement’ category are two apps which could be incorporated into early-morning work or serve as extension treats: Order months of the year and Order days of the year. Without doubt, it is crucial children have a strong understanding in these areas, so why not use LearnPad to help make that happen?

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Lower KS2 Maths

There is a plethora of amazing resources to choose from for Lower KS2. Located within the ‘LKS2 Calculation’ category, two of the most positively-received apps, TT Xpress and Arithmetic Tables, are designed to increase speed, accuracy and enjoyment in times table learning. Within the ‘LKS2 Measurement’ category, there are a range of excellent apps to help scaffold and support the measurement units of work. In particular, Measuring in Centimetres and Find the Start Time are nice activities for whole-class starters, group collaborative work or even pushing the more able children to thinking in a creative way. Why not pick a couple of these apps and give them a go?

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Upper KS2 Maths

Upper KS2 maths is building on the crucial scaffolding from the past five years, and now is the time to expect your pupils to really dig deeper and find their mathematical talents! As a result, we can recommend multiple apps to help get them there (with a bit of fun and healthy competition along the way).

Compare Decimals, Show the Coordinate and Area Builder are three apps which might help support the teaching and learning of some of the trickier areas of learning – with visual and interactive feedback. Nevertheless, within the ‘UKS2 Mathematics for Workbook’ there are an array of resources to support, scaffold and stretch pupils from across the attainment spread, so use the QR code on the side and be brave!

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Andrew Shelton

Andrew Shelton
Avantis Educational Specialist (UK)