Workspace is another useful tool, both for activity work and for assessment and recording. This app allows students to display their knowledge or understanding by adding comments or labels to images they take with the camera, retrieve from the Internet or receive from their teacher.

The key benefit of Workspace is its flexibility. For instance, it could be used as part of a classification exercise (sorting objects into living and non-living things), a fieldwork project (take a landscape picture and label the features), an assessment (hand out an image for accurate labelling) or a collaborative creative art project. The resulting work can be handed in for safe-keeping or for assessment.

Key Features

  • Use images taken by the device, downloaded from the Internet, or chosen and handed out by the teacher.
  • Change the background or use the camera to create your own – useful for designing exercises such as sorting.
  • Select the font type, style and colour to suit the exercise.
  • Use the Hand Out feature to send students images for an exercise, either all at once or one at a time throughout the exercise.
  • Use ClassCloud and the Hand In feature to collate students’ finished material or archive work-in-progress to be completed at a later date.