European Day of Languages- 26th September 2018

To celebrate all the wonderful languages Europe has to offer, we want to let you know about our superb lesson profile, KS2 Languages for Workbook, which is ready and raring to be used by you and your pupils.

Nestled within this lesson profile are three different categories, each of which host some really engaging and interesting resources, which will be perfect for a languages day or themed week of activities

Languages Workbook

Duolingo, nestled within the ‘KS2 Language Tools’ category, has a range of free activities, all of which are nicely pitched for the entire age span of Key Stage 2. In choosing this app, you could ask your pupils to all try learning some basic vocabulary in a language of your choice – or you could leave the ball in their court and they could present their findings in a class assembly.

As most schools now focus primarily on French or Spanish, the other two categories are dedicated to these two languages. Again, within each category, there are a range of resources – some of which you may choose to use whole class via your Class Connect portal, or get the children to explore individually.

Inside of the ‘KS2 French’ category, the ‘French games and lessons’ app hosts over 700 free French-based games and activities, which would be ideal for getting pupils engaged in the language. Equally, if your children are increasing with their confidence of Spanish, then within the ‘KS2 Spanish’ category is a game called ‘Spanish Bingo’; this app could be used as a starter every lesson or might be a nice treat for an interactive plenary – based around the topic you want.

French Games and Lessons

Further to this, the KS2 Languages for Workbook lesson profile is available all year round and could be integrated into your school’s language curriculum. The use of technology is a huge motivator, for both children and adults, so why not add that extra layer of enjoyment into a subject which can sometimes not get the attention it deserves?

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Andrew Shelton

Andrew Shelton
Avantis Educational Specialist (UK)