LearnPad in the Early Years

Learning Your Letters

We all know that the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is crucial; it is also indisputable that children need to love learning to write, as it is such a fundamental skill. As such, LearnPad is really pleased to be able to offer two fantastic, free apps: Tracing ABC Free and 123s ABCs Handwriting Fun. Both apps are designed to be easy to use and boast a clear, simple interface for younger children to be able to access and enjoy.

These apps help both the physical development of learning letter formation, but also help the children to hear and see the letter in upper- and lower-case format. These apps would be perfectly suited for child-directed time and could also be integrated into whole-class or group teaching, should you want to focus on specific letters or graphemes. Give them a try and see your children’s confidence grow!

Tracing ABC
Handwriting Fun App

Phonics and Spelling

Just like letter formation, phonetic understanding forms a huge part to a successful two years in the EYFS. As a result, LearnPad is very excited to be able to offer two superb apps: Reading Phonics Train School and Kindergarten Kids Words Lite. Both of these apps use a nice blend of imagery, graphemes and sound to compliment all types of learners – and, most importantly, make the learning process engaging and exciting.

We recommend giving these apps a trial run in your classrooms over the course of a term, in conjunction with your usual phonics teaching. In doing so, the children are being given an opportunity to understand the world through technology as well as practising their core phonics knowledge in a multimodal manner. Have some phonetic fun with these fantastic finds!

Reading Phonics App
Kindergarten Kids App