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There are three detailed and well-stocked lesson profiles for each of the three main phases within the primary sector. Our LearnPads come pre-loaded with three age-specific and subject-specific lesson profiles: a general KS1, a human KS2 and a physical KS2 geography lesson profile

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KS2 Physical Geography QR Code
KS2 Physical Geography
KS2 Human Geography QR code
KS2 Human Geography

These lesson profiles contain a variety of different resources; the videos included feature the physical geography of the world, from rivers to forests and skylines and to ocean floors. In addition, the maps and images included show how human geography has impacted the natural world, which is supported by links to weather data for your KS2 pupils to analyse and discuss. As well as these, the three above profiles include several hand-picked websites, which will provide your pupils with access to data, statistics and facts which are relevant and up to date.

You may also wish to use Google Earth or Google Maps to help bring the experience of another country or culture closer to the classroom; a particularly good use of these apps is when they are integrated into a very specific lesson focus and involve using the devices and apps to support and deepen the learning.

Check these lesson profiles out to maximise the use of technology in your geography, topic and theme lessons, so the children can learn and experience everything the world has to offer.

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Andrew Shelton

Andrew Shelton
Avantis Educational Specialist (UK)