Tablets in Secondary Schools

LearnPad's simple classroom technology has won multiple industry awards and our focus on education has enabled us to support thousands of schools to integrate technology into their lessons. Our hardware, software and accessories have specific benefits for Secondary schools that meet the diverse needs of senior leadership teams, IT technicians and teachers alike.


  • Lowest total cost of ownership of any tablet solution in education.
  • Total supervision and control of all devices – view and interact in real-time with every device.
  • No on-going costs, no additional equipment required, and no annual maintenance or further IT support costs.
  • LearnPad Office Suite is fully compatible with Microsoft Office tools.
  • A global community with over 120,000 tablets in schools worldwide.



  • Quick and easy QR code facility for initial Wi-Fi and proxy set up.
  • Easy remote device management – view device status, monitor student activity and update all devices wirelessly.
  • Advanced integration with Active Directory – enabling students to save their work to individual home folders and network shares.
  • View, edit and share Microsoft Office documents, spreadsheets and presentations.
  • Technical support from a dedicated team by phone and email.
  • No on-going costs, no additional equipment required – lowest total cost of ownership of any tablet solution in education.
  • Simple VLE integration.
  • Teacher deployed lesson profiles means no need for day-to-day IT department assistance.


  • Classroom-based devices – no need to store in IT. Easy access to devices in every lesson that requires minimal day-to-day maintenance.
  • £25 worth of free Tools and Apps including Microsoft Office Professional App.
  • Differentiate learning for each student by simply adapting the content on each device.
  • Subject-focused resources/lessons. Each device can be made a 100% subject-based piece of hardware – simply focus the appropriate resources for each year group.
  • Devices can be utilised for many other uses like data loggers, video recorders, cameras and visualisers.
  • Dynamic resource deployment enables teachers to instantly deliver documents and resources to all devices during the lesson.
  • Departments can manage the devices efficiently and don’t need to devolve responsibility/control to the school’s tech support.
  • Can be used as a 1:1 personal tablet or classroom, subject-based device.


  • Supports independent learning and research.
  • Increases engagement, including the most reluctant of learners.
  • Instant access to information and seamless integration to their home folder – no need to wait for a Netbook or laptop to start up.
  • Bespoke lesson profiles ensure students remain on task.
  • Can be used offline on field trips or education school visits.


Don’t just take our word for it. View our school testimonials and read our case studies to see how other Secondary schools are successfully implementing LearnPad into their classrooms.


Mark Baldwin, of St. Richard Gwyn, Barry, had to identify tablets that support a truly personalised approach to learning in West Glamorgan.


King Richard Secondary School has realised great results from tablet technology. The LearnPad has helped teachers share resources efficiently and effectively, saving teacher time and giving the students the support they need with the autonomy to drive their own learning.