Important Safety Information

LearnPad Tectus, ClassTOUGH Cases & ClassCharge Tiles / Tectus Charging Units contain magnets

  1. LearnPad tablets should only be used with ClassCharge or ClassTOUGH cases. Each LearnPad tablet should be correctly fitted with a genuine case at all times to ensure correct charging and device protection.
  2. LearnPad tablets should only be charged using either the supplied power adapter, or a genuine ClassCharge Tectus Charging Unit. Placing non-genuine components or any other object onto the charging shelf may cause damage to the device or shelf.
  3. Ensure your LearnPad tablets are turned off during charging.
  4. When no tablets are being charged it is recommended to turn ClassCharge Tectus off at the mains.
  5. Do not leave tablets charging over extended periods of time. When tablets are fully charged, or the tectus unit is empty, we recomend switching off the Tectus unit at the mains.
  6. Do not move ClassCharge Tectus whilst it is switched on.
  7. Remove connecting bolts and move ClassCharge Tectus units individually when required.
  8. ClassCharge Tectus should be installed on a flat surface, in a ventilated area. Please ensure the feet (4 per unit) are fitted correctly before use.
  9. ClassCharge Tectus should not be stacked more than 2 units high, unless the base unit is secured to a surface.
  10. When stacking ClassCharge Tectus units, ensure the units are secured using the connecting bolts.
  11. Do not attempt to charge more than 9 devices in one ClassCharge Tectus unit or more than one device on a single charging shelf, as this may lead to overheating.
  12. ClassCharge Tectus and cases contain magnets. The raw materials that our magnets are made from are not detrimental to peoples’ health, however, it is important to recognise that magnets can cause interference with medical implants such as pacemakers and can damage some magnetic storage media.
  13. Pacemakers and defibrillators can be sensitive to strong magnetic fields. If you or someone in your school has a pacemaker or defibrillator, or has health issues which require that you wear electronics of any sort, avoid magnets completely until you consult your doctor.
  14. Magnetic fields can cause damage to magnetic storage media. These include: cassette tapes, floppy disks, credit cards, video tapes, and computer hard drives. Keep all magnets at least 24 inches away from all types of magnetic media.
  15. Avantis Education Ltd will not be responsible for personal injury or property damage resulting from the misuse of our products.
  16. The magnets used in ClassCharge Tectus and accessories should not exceed a magnetic pull of 2.3kg per magnet. Consult your medical practitioner for the safe working distance.
  17. We recommend that devices are not used for extended periods of time. Short tablet sessions are very engaging and are the perfect way to open a topic or reinforce a key point. Further information on daily screen time recomendations and tablet usage guidelines can be found on The World Health Organisation website:

For further guidance and usage support, please visit or