Below is a sample of some excellent feedback we’ve been receiving from our user schools. If you’d like to add your comments we’d love to hear from you: community@learnpad.com

We've introduced LearnPads in our pre-prep, which enables teachers to easily manage what the children are using, or lets them take control of their own learning by scanning QR (quick response) codes to choose topics that interest them. Even the school nursery has a couple of tablet computers on which one and two year olds can improve their coordination skills.

David Horton, ICT Systems Manager
Ballard School, Hampshire

With the LearnPad I, as the teacher, can make sure children are focused on the topic of learning. Lessons created keep them focused and you can plan your lesson for the needs of each individual child with links to websites or applications to suit their learning. Children don’t get distracted from other websites, as they have access to only what I prepared for them.

Christa van Rooyen, ICT Co-ordinator
Khalsa Primary School, Slough

The flexibility and control offered by LearnPad devices enables our teachers to target specific skills for development across the whole primary age range and curriculum. LearnPads engage and enthuse learners and offer access to emerging technologies at an affordable price.

Ben Blackall, Headteacher
Penybont Primary School, Bridgend, Wales

It was the free ClassConnect Management Portal that was the life saver and in my view the only realistic way of implementing tablet technology across a school. It would have been a full time job keeping the content consistent across each tablet otherwise.

Marianne Wilberforce, ICT Leader
Hiltingbury Infant School, Eastleigh

The outcome in the first history class was amazing! In a subject which can be hard to engage children, they were all excited and interested, especially the boys who are probably the more reluctant historians.

Mark Baldwin, IT Technician Principal
St. Richard Gwyn, Barry

Because of LearnPad’s understanding of school’s needs, the devices could contribute towards personalization of learning within the school by delivery of apps to groups or individual students as required. The system enables our teachers to send resources to students, which is essential and comes with the choice of locking down any broader access.

James Webb, ICT Coordinator
King Richard Secondary School, Portsmouth

The feedback I received from all the teaching staff was very positive and from a technical point of view I was very impressed. The security of the walled garden front end and other highly appropriate functionality programmed into the LearnPad made it very effective for us.

Nigel McDonald, Network Manager
Miers Court, Gillingham

We wanted a device that would enable the teachers to manage their student’s development, pushing out personalised learning activities to each student or student group. We needed to be able to work across several vocational and functional levels throughout the college, support our VLE and learner support systems and be engaging for the students. For the eLearning co-ordinators, flexibility in being able to tailor the learning material to each student was key.

Rob Gale, Head of eLearning Content
Craven College, Skipton

I think the fact that more and more teachers want to use LearnPads is testament to the positive effect the devices are having on pupils. It is paramount that teachers use up-to-date, relevant resources in the classroom so that students cover all the necessary material on the new curriculum. Our staff are all very excited to make use of the LearnPad Lesson Profiles created for the new 2014 Curriculum.

Tracey Campbell, ICT Manager
Holland Park Primary, Essex

We’ve cut down on the time taken to source suitable educational apps as the groundwork has been done by the educational professionals at LearnPad, and the ability to use our existing content, gave us the opportunity to compile a collection of resources that are suitable for the needs of our school. The free technical support means LearnPad ticks all of the boxes and more!

Chris Dunn, ICT Coordinator
Grange Primary, Gloucester

The main appeal of the LearnPad was the fact that it has been developed specifically with education and schools in mind, and that really is evident. We needed something that would cover the breadth of the school, ranging from age 3 through to 13, and provide us with one system that was suitable for each year group. LearnPad’s flexibility allows it to be used throughout the whole school. The LearnPad is perfect for us.

Ruth Hall, Director of Education
Pinewood School, Shrivenham

The Build-a-Lesson feature is fantastic and has allowed us to deliver various content in a more exciting manner. The simplicity of the devices makes them very user-friendly and many of the skills / processes required to successfully operate the devices are picked up and retained by the children after only a few demonstrations. We didn’t have anything useful in place ICT-wise before we purchased LearnPads. Since doing so we haven’t looked back and I really cannot fault them. To me it’s a no-brainer; LearnPad is the way forward.

Richard Stanton SLT, ICT Coordinator, Y2
Witley CofE Infant School, Godalming

The ready-made Lessons have been useful, especially in cross curricular activities. The ClassView Management Portal has been really useful to assess and view pupil’s progress through the lesson, and also to show their work.

Elly Walsh, ICT Coordinator
St Gregory’s School, Ealing

In my opinion, the impact of LearnPads on raising attainment has been significant and measureable. Data collection shows that where pupils have received targeted intervention using LearnPads and related software, progress has accelerated.

Anthony Welch, Headteacher
Holland Park Primary, Essex

The most important impact and value that LearnPads have had across the school is freeing up ICT time for the new Computing curriculum. Whereas staff used to use ICT sessions for research or investigative work, this can now be done in the classroom, on the LearnPads. The ICT suite can now be used solely to focus on the computing curriculum instead.

Kevin Thorns, ICT & DT Manager
Crofton Anne Dale Junior School, Fareham

On account of the quality advice and support received by the school, the process of implementing LearnPad has been smooth. The ability to customise LearnPad easily means that it meets the demands of our school and the versatility of the product means that the approach to teaching and learning does not have to change extensively over-night, this is particularly an advantage for teachers who may feel apprehensive about integrating technology.

Ruth Baker, ICT Subject Leader
St John’s CofE Primary, Canterbury

LearnPad’s new 2014 Curriculum resources have been invaluable. They’ve helped us to quickly collate resources aligned to the curriculum and have been an amazing starting point for all staff. It’s simple to add our own documents to each collection allowing us to tailor the resources to our own scheme of work.

Kate Mann, Deputy Head
English Martyrs Academy, Nottingham

The fact that the LearnPad system empowers and enables non-specialist classroom teachers to access and manage learning content quickly and simply, is a huge bonus for schools. In the end it all comes down to the core curriculum that schools must deliver and at what cost. The LearnPad not only facilitates access but enables them to continue to use their existing investment in ICT resources with very few compromises. In terms of total cost of ownership the LearnPad is a very cost-effective solution. Simply put, iPads are for consumers, LearnPads are for schools.

Chris Drage, Retired Teacher
Freelance Educational ICT Journalist

LearnPads have been a regular feature in my lessons, particularly in Maths. I have lots of interactive games set up on them for different topics, and lessons set up ready for each of the Maths Passports they are working on. Every year group now has a teacher’s LearnPad which is invaluable: now I can plan my lessons online at home and try them out myself. I’m well and truly hooked on them. If I’m honest, I couldn’t do without them now.

Hayley Earle, Year 4 Teacher and Assessment Leader
Beech Green Primary, Gloucester

We would like to congratulate LearnPad for the quality and success of its Tectus resource. What makes these awards different is that they focus on the resources, services and people that really make an impact on learning and the day-to-day work of the teachers in the classroom. The UK education sector is currently in the unprecedented position of offering ever improving standards of excellence. Thousands of educators from across the world visit the UK each year to review and buy products from our suppliers because of the quality offered.

Caroline Wright, Director at BESA
2015 ERA Awards

LearnPad offers a high level of on-site professional development which is vital to the effective adoption of the technology in the classroom. The inclusive content is aligned to the new national curriculum in each of the countries that it currently operates: UK, USA, Brazil and Mexico.

2015 Bett Awards Judges
ICT Exporter of the Year Award

This is the way tablets should be managed in a school environment. A great deal of thought has gone into the design to reflect the needs of schools and how they operate. Excellent online management system provided and very easy and quick to use. Excellent price. Impressive and convincing testimonials.

2013 Bett Awards Judges
Digital Devices Award

We decided to invest in LearnPads because they are basically built for education with only learners in mind. Our school opted for the Quarto's having explored them at the BETT show 2013 and being wowed by their speed and ease of use. We chose the class set as it was great value for money.

Yardley Wood Community Primary School

The easy to use online management interface, specifically designed for education, coupled with the pre-installed client software, ensures that educators and technicians no longer have to worry about crucial system settings being changed, or students having the ability to stray off task by browsing websites they shouldn’t. LearnPad’s education focused tablet solution is a serious, feature rich, easy to use, cost-effective and viable option for schools.

Peter Eyres, Technician
Lambeth CLC

I'm delighted the children are thoroughly enjoying their learning both at home and at school, and are taking such great care of their tablets; the children have become attached to their Learn Pads.

Susan Crysanthou, Headteacher
Furzefield Primary School, Surrey

"I think they're splendid"; "Hopefully they will be educationally enhancing"; "They provide an amazing opportunity for interactive learning"; "I think they're brilliant because they allow the children to access work which they would otherwise think uncool".

Furzefield Primary School, Surrey

"They're cool and helpful to teach you responsibility". "They're great because they have an educational purpose".

Furzefield Primary School, Surrey

The Maths faculty has just purchased 32 LearnPads. We are excited with our new development and implementation of ICT with a tablet. This tablet comes with interactive software that allows us to control each tablet, controlling and differentiating effective ICT within the classroom.

Lucy Whitehouse, Head of Mathematics Faculty
Launceston College, Cornwall

We’ve been using the Learn Pads for a few months now and are already starting to see significant benefits. They’ve really caught the imagination of the children and the tablet technology is a fantastic way to engage all learners from nursery to year six, especially in developing reading and Maths skills. We are currently working with parents to take the LearnPads home to support homework, to further widen their impact.

Karen Tatham, Headteacher
Burton Green Primary, York

The school has invested in LearnPad tablets to provide increased opportunities for the children's learning experiences. As IT tablets become the more popular method of accessing the internet in business and home environments, it is felt very important that our children use these technologies for their learning experiences. A suite of LearnPad learning applications is being acquired and the teaching staff trained.

Julie Ashwell
Everton Lower School, Bedfordshire

Year 6 were amazing! It was not long before they were able to feedback how to use the front-facing camera (as well as the rear) for taking scans of the ‘QR codes’ that can transfer the Apps to the tablet or lesson information much like a barcode. It is so wonderful to watch, and sometimes learn alongside children, as they tackle new challenges.

Suzi Poole, Parent Volunteer (former ICT Teacher)
Bucklebury CofE Primary School, Thatcham

LearnPad supports the school motto of ‘Inspire, Challenge and Achieve.’ LearnPad engages and motivates the children, so much so that there is ‘yelp of excitement’ every time Year 4 children see the trolley of LearnPads at the start of a lesson. LearnPad allows them to challenge themselves independently. The knock on effect of that is that they achieve.

Craig McKee, ICT Coordinator
Bilton CofE Junior School, Rugby